E┤Mani z Targenu /Mani/

29.01.2012 Nationale Ausstellung Castrop-Rauxel /D/
judge: Leif Herman Wilberg (N)

Merry Christmas 2011 :)

Mani and "friend" cat Kajo :)

Fina /Esha Jomo z Targenu/ - Exc.1 , CAJC and Mani Exc. 2, res.CAJC :))

20.03.2011 CAC Recklinghausen /D/
judge: Phyllis Poduschka-Aigner /A/
VG 4

first show :))
21.11.2010 CAC Gro▀karlbach /D/
judge: Erwin Deutscher /A/
puppy class - Very promising 1 !

E┤Mani and hers sister Esha Jomo /Fina/ :)

new home and "cats friends"